The Challenge

Axilaw is a law firm that aims at helping people with business. They provide services such as trademark, patent registration, copyrighting etc. They have taken an innovative step in customer acquisition by making their strong presence in the internet through a website. They required a brand to take their profession to the next level.


We came up with a logo mark that indicates the rising sun. The line logo mark was then developed into a 3D mark which had a pretty high impact in the market than we expected. The website was created with colors related to the logo mark. We covered all the services and their information. We used WordPress to build the website and it came out well.



Logo Design



Social Media Banners

The Beginning

The requirement for the logo was a rising sun indicating hope. So I created a few sketches of the logo as a single mark. It was a bunch of concentric circles that had partitions. The lower half was designed into waves with different shades indicating the depth. The base of the logo indicates the brightness of the sun.


When the logo was converted to 3D it had better depth with its layered level.

Brand Defenition

Defining the brand creates an objective road map; a decisional filter for all the company’s future decisions. By checking against this statement, we can quickly see whether any decisions will help or hurt, focus or muddy, purify or modify the brand.


Among a lot of law firms, Axilaw had to stand apart. So we used some of our branding techniques


They wanted to show their level of engagement by positioning them among the big players in the market. The website acts as the front face of the firm and it speaks for their firm. We were very careful on developing the face and most of our concern was based on user experience.

Conveying the message is a key aspect of every business. So they decided to make banner messages to broadcast through WhatsApp, facebook and other social media platforms. I helped them to increase their leads by 18%. Messaging is a key factor for business success and development.

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