The Challenge

Green Energy Systems is a start-up firm that has entered into the field of solar energy and led lighting. Their entry into the market wanted to be unique and up to date with the current trend. The company wanted to reach its customer with style and provide the required services.


A new logo, branding, website, explanatory video and marketing tools were created for Green Energy Systems to show case their brand and acquire buyer’s confidence in the market.



Logo Design



Explanatory Video


Marketing Brochure

The Beginning

The logo had to speak for itself. We had made studies on what the company is selling. We understood that their core product falls under solar energy and LED lights. These are sustainable energy resource that is in harmony with nature.


Mr.Murali the head of the company wanted a different approach among his competitors. So we decided to create a brand for this company that is completely different and unique among its competition. Right from the brand, we have executed till strategy. 

Brand Defenition

Defining the brand creates an objective roadmap; a decisional filter for all the company’s future decisions. By checking against this statement, we can quickly see whether any decisions will help or hurt, focus or muddy, purify or modify the brand.


An in-depth strategy session was conducted at their office space and Vignesh Gopal understood the sole key of the company and their products which helped us define their brand


The first step of the branding process is log design. After a clear analysis of the creative brief, we have understood the company wants to project itself in a logo mark.


The logo was hand drawn with a digital device and it was developed digitally using Adobe Illustrator. The logo was made as a monogram with a bulb and the sun. 

User Experience

The most important part of a website is user experience. We are keen on developing the website by creating a wire frame of the website. Constant discussion on the website helped us to develop the website for the company at ease.


GES had a unique website in the field of solar energy at its time. They were advanced at their time. The website was built using Wix which helped them to edit it themselves and the coding part was user-friendly. 


The core principle of the company is to spread awareness about solar energy and help people by providing sustainable electricity in areas that have high power cuts. The company wants the people to save electricity so the excess electricity can be shared with others.

Branding & Packaging

Every company gains their customer's heart only by their packaging. It is one of the key factors for a retail and manufacturing company to provide the best product to their customers.


The company wanted to make a unique entrance to the market so we had to design the packaging in such a way it is different and sends the message to the customers. 

Video Marketing

Videos are a vital factor for reaching a customer and inform them in the easiest way. Graphical representation will easily reach the clients. So we were requested to make few videos for the company to perform promotion videos.

Website preview was a video made with mock-up of their website for the sake of Facebook promotion. By this video, their visits for the website was increased from 32% to 68% within a duration of one month. 


Website re-design actually boosted their sales for that month.

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