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Typography & Hand lettering


Typography is the art & technique of arranging " Type" to make written language legible, readable & appealing when displayed. The arrangement of ' type' involves selecting typefaces, point sizes line lengths etc., Typefaces & fonts are considered Typography, which is created by type designers.

Typography plays major role for the designer.There are innumerable tutorials, which help many students to learn, follow & excel in Typographical arts Like any other field, here too we do have some Dos & Don'ts.


  • Have separated text boxes : It is not advisable to to use the ' enter ' key to space out the lines of the text . The flexibility of moving separate text boxes is much better than using the key.

  • Have character & para-graphic styles: If there is a lot of texts and if the appearances needs to be changed it can be done through character & para-graphic style

  • Use Hierarchy:Be precise about your text, such as the title , heading & body.

  • Have sufficient space between lines of text: Sufficient spacing between Lines of text enables the reader to read the text without any stress.

Don't s:

  • Using of forced small caps: It is not good to shrink the letters as we desire, as each font comes with its own style

  • Stretch the Type: Stretching the type might deviate the font's style and lead to distortion.

  • Create the texts to be small: Reading is the main priority . So, make the texts legible enough.

  • Use many fonts: The type consists of three main parts, such as h e title, heading & body text. It is good to use 2 to 3 fonts i.e, a third font for highlighting some valuable points.


Let's now see about another type of writing, I would rather say " Drawing of letters". It is said hand lettering. Yes, this is seen as an art as

the designer himself creates, the curves & bends of the letters according to his decorative skills.

Hand lettering is something that needs more of practice. Most of the hand lettering artists are creators by themselves! The talent lies in their

selection of design, type & relevant colors they use ,to get the effect.

To learn this art it is not necessary that you must have the prettiest handwriting!

This hand lettering is another way of writing like Calligraphy. It only takes a lot of practice, practice & practice to improve your skills from your experiences! Different pencils & pens are used depending on the designers skills.

Such as sharp pens, brush pens & gel pens give the required effect as accordingly. It happens to be attractive due to its decorative & ornate curves, which, is again so inviting! Now talking about the leads, there types varying in thickness. Usually the top-strokes are thin and the down strokes are well-defined. Here we must check out for a good brand of supplies. The paper or the canvas, the pencils or pens,the nibs or the brushes, the eraser every other thing must be from a good to best brand!

Uses of Typography in corporate: Branding & Logos have become indispensable in the world of Commerce, Educational institutions, Government Organisations, Automobile industries,Sports world, Media etc.,

Typography in corporate falls under the category of minimalism. Reason is because all the top brands are not that flashy but at the same time they speak for themselves. For example, Apple & Samsung if you notice their presentations on the web , TV you could see the typographical words are not elaborate. It is short & sweet. The descriptions, the colors ,the fonts are so classy it stands atop among its competitive firms!

Hand lettering in creative fields such as to start with electronic appliances, food industry, Dairy, Groceries, Supermarkets, Fashion brands

Jewel industry, Cosmetics, Perfumery etc., These markets tend to attract the society , which is where , curvature lettering type is used . For example, Our own Rasi silks, Tanishq , Gini & Jony , Yardley and so on.

Hand lettering mock up


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sByzHoiYFX0 Check this link to see a motion graphic on typography.

Either choosing typography or hand lettering is purely based on the application. It matters where these words are being used, either in corporate or in an artistic field. Typography and hand lettering cannot be combined since they are based extremely on two different domains. We are currently analyzing on the best hand lettering and typography of 2017. We will get with more examples. Cheers guys!.

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