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Sketching of League of Legends Characters

Life has advanced in so many domains and one of then is technology. As we see today all of us have a smart phone and PC. Then some of us have tablets. These technological advancements have taken a huge impact on the art industry. In the old day, an artist had to waste his canvas if made a mistake in his painting but now the whole perspective of art has changed.

With the latest tablets like Apple IPad Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro, we can create any form of painting let say from pencil sketches to oil painting with such a great ease.

No artist is perfect and everybody tends to make a mistake. But when you use a tablet everybody is a pro. The ink always lives when it comes to digital art. You can reuse it, you can erase it, there will be no trace of impressions.

Using Procreate I was able to create some artwork from my favorite game league of legends. I use to spend time playing this game during my free hours. Its a strategy and team based online game which is quite challenging and relaxing after a stressful day.


Xaya & Rakhan





These sketches are drawn with pencil except for the first one. They are digitally drawn and the precision is quite perfect. The texture is not as natural as a pencil drawing. Last but not the least, I have created a costume for one of the characters of league of legends. Name is caitlyn and the skin for her is names Mistress Caitlyn.

These works are my hobby and not my profession. Since I am in the field of designing I like to create some artwork as well.

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