• Vignesh Gopal

Calligraphy enhances packaging

43oz.com - Design Studio shared a really cool post on their Behance profile featuring wine bottle label design consisted of pure a simple calligraphy work. The result is elegant but also has that rustic feel, which makes it quite unique and special. Check out below the fold the end result as well as a bit of the behind the scenes of how the work was done. A unique creative project inspired by our agency's love for calligraphy and handwriting. Each bottle carries a unique inscription dedicated to wine, executed in a different style with a different color. The results were unexpected even for us, and we're very happy to share the fruit of this little experiment with the global community. And here are some pictures of the creative process, with the agency's Creative Director, Alex Kodimsky, testing out different ideas, tools, colors and writing styles, before putting inscriptions on clean bottles.

We will curate more designs from other designers for better inspirations and ideas.

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