• Vignesh Gopal

Aerial Photography of Carrara Marble Mines by Bernhard Lang

We're thrilled to share these stunning aerial shots of the famed Italian Carrara Marble mines by Munich Germany-based photographer Bernhard Lang. At first glance, your eyes may lean towards a more futuristic subject rather than the creamy white stone that dates back to the Roman Empire. The prized Carrara Marble mines are located in you guessed it, a city named Carrara in Italy's Apuan Alps in Northern Tuscany where more marble has been produced than any other place on earth. Working in the quarries is expectedly dangerous and continues to be so to this very day so we hope this post makes you cherish that next beautiful piece of Carrara you meet just a bit more. Thanks to Bernhard for capturing such a wonderful piece of land space and sharing it on Abuzeedo.

Courtesy: Abuzeedo.

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