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Design Inspiration for October

October Design Inspiration

Hey lads, I hope you are all doing great with your lives. It has been a great month and it was a great experience reworking my whole website making the contents crisp and short. I am yet to add more of my completed works and ongoing works. I will send them as soon as they are done.

For now I have curated some of the best piece of works from graphic artists all over the world. This fills the inspiration bar for the month of October. Some people might be wondering why its is all red black and white. So far Edon was projected as a company and I went on a subtle outlook for the past two years. Now I am promoting myself as a solo entrepreneur and these colors match my persona.

Red defines youth, dynamic and aggressiveness. Black is always a standard of class, closure and royalty. White is the mother of all colors and it is pure. So I combine these as per my persona and the colors describe me.

I guess that's enough talk about me!, Please scroll down and enjoy the visual feast.

All these artworks belong to their own artist and non belongs to me.

I am working on how to be web designer without using a single code. Soon I will be updating the blog with the process of getting inspired and getting what you seek. Stay tuned. Till then be in love with humanity

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