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Black market of domains

We all know domain name is just a virtual address that you need to find a bunch of HTML pages stacked in some server. But did you know you can make money by hijacking these domain names and sell them for high value price in the internet market? This is actually a profitable business model but from the perspective of a start-up, you get to lose your business name. The authenticity of the website is affected if it doesn’t not have a ‘.com’ suffix. I know it is bad but let me educate you on this so you can break the dogma that we have been following all this while.

Principle 1: .com defines no authenticity

We all believe any site with a .com suffix will be genuine website and people will visit them more and it has better visitor bandwidth. But that is not how Google sees it. Google focuses on the quality of the content that is in the website and how often people visit these websites for their quality. The suffix .com is merely just a suffix and has no impact on how the visitor treats the website.

Principle 2: other suffixes like .net, .in, .co.in, .info, .biz is ok to use

The idea of using these suffixes helps you get your desired name for the domain without any hassle. But see to that you use the appropriate suffixes depending on your business. .info is good for informative businesses and .biz as we all know is for business.

Using suffixes like .in or .net has no necessary tie ups to anything and these can be used with any domain name. If you want your content to reach to other countries then .in suffix will limit your views within India. There are suffixes which are country oriented so use them based on which country you want your target audience to be.

.net suffix was initially used to indicate networking companies or service providers, but now some have moved to .corp and so on so the static rule of using suffixes based on the business or service you provide has become dynamic. You can use whatever domain and suffix you want to.

So if you look for a domain and you want to acquire it, do it ASAP because there are these hawk eyed hijackers who are waiting to take the names you are looking for. Once they get hold of it, you will be needing to pay a bigger price for that later on. Sometimes even the Domain registrars play the same game to their customers and most of them don’t have this idea. For example if you are looking for a domain which is available and you take a halt on the buying process due to some reason. Later when you check the same domain name the price might have increased or worst case it might have been taken. Registrars also have hand in this game. So be clever and get your domains for lower prices right away.

I hope this information was useful to you and helped you in some way. I will update further on the plan purchase process in Go Daddy next time.

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