• Vignesh Gopal

Incredible India

India is one among the most resourceful country in the world whose resources are undermined and exhausted. India has so much history that it is hard to measure and some of it's history is even undocumented. Right from the Mauryan Dynasty to the Britishers to the current politicians India has seen the booms and falls of the economy. The country has so many political tiffs and has different views and images among different countries and different people. Yet we decided to see the positive side of India.

The culture of India is very vast and diverse. It has 28 major languages and all these languages vary drastically. These languages are built over the ancient and the most oldest language "Sanskrit". The below info-graphic show the top 5 most spoken language in India.

Some of the most famous monuments to visit in India are listed below. They will be crowded just like any other place in India since India is over populated. We confined the top 6 places to visit and made an abstract out of it.

Apart from all the boring politics, bashing and controversies about India we made a promotion of all the best features of India. We picked few amazing footage of India from Pixabay and infused it with Darjeeling Song made by Fakear. Enjoy the video. This will change the view about India for sure.

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