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Inspiration for June 2020

Amidst all the pandemic trauma, we have taken a break in updating our blog but we are back. The current scenarios have flipped the world and the economy upside down, but still, a designer's mind never stops. Corona has never stopped or crippled a creative mind. People are still creating fascinating designs and we have some curation for the month.

Paper Collages

Source: Behance

E-Sports Designs

Paji Arts with the 100 Thieves have created astounding promotional posters promoting 100 Thieves a pre-dominating LCS E-sports Team.

Source: Behance

Packaging Design

Source: Behance

Art Work

Source: Behance - Graffiti Art

Source: Behance - Art Project about people


Source: Behance - Multiple Artist


Source: Behance

Photo Art

Source: Behance

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