The Challenge

STAR-ProBio aims to contribute to the establishment of a sustainable bio-economy for Europe by involving stakeholder and use of sustainability assessment methods to speed up the approval and uptake of bio-based products by the commercial market.


This study supports European Commission in the full implementation of European policy initiatives, including the Lead Market Initiative in bio-based products, the industrial policy, and the European Bio-economy Strategy.


The logo comprised of nature and engineering. Even though they are tow opposite factors, this group is trying mix them and make it work in harmony. So we came up with leaves arranged in the form of star.


Each leaf has so much in detail where one half of the leaf is represented by terminals indicating electronics alias engineering and the other half is just a leaf.


Logo Design


The Beginning

As per the creative brief the client required a logo that indicated a star since the name was star pro bio. The logo needs to be clean and minimal. Taking nature into account leaf is one of the best way to represent nature and greenery. Adding green to the logo will show that this project has got something to nature.


This group is a mixture of engineers and biologists so the logo has nature incorporated but engineering and technology were missing. Adding a tint of blue to electronic nodes gives an idea of technology incorporated into the logo. Each leaf is a mix of nature and technology together and when each leaf is arranged in a star pattern it proves that there is equal contribution from group.

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