Stranger than fiction is a film making firm that creates concept films, short films, and infographic films. They require a revamp of their brand with a stunning look that shows this company is unique and the mark speaks for their value.


We had to revamp their whole brand from scratch right from logo to their website and brand collateral.


Stranger than fiction is an out of the box name for a brand. The name makes sense with three words but it is hard to depict the words by image. The client required a minimal approach with minimal colors.

After 3 different marks we finalized on a monogram of STF and applied an anaglyph effect with red and blue. Separating fiction and reality.


Logo Design





Stranger than fiction was confined to a monogram which is "STF' The monogram is made of a single line for each character. The thickness of the lines is consistent at every part of the logo.

Brand Collaterals

STF requires a brand collaterals such as letterheads and business cards and envelopes so we created a set of business collaterals for them with a black base. 


STF mark glows on the black paper and it highlights the mark itself. We aimed at creating an illusion on the mark and we did achieve it with the anaglyph prowess.


The logo is created in a way it adapts itself to the background over any application. The logo glows when it is in on a dark background and the logo turns black when it is on a white paper.


The anaglyph is an overlapping of two colours to produce white and black colour. On a white background, they produce black colour when red and cyan intersect. On black background, they form white colour.


We approached the website with a classy yet a funky look. We took the basic colors involved in the branding. Even though the website had a funky approach we still had to keep it minimal and clean.

Dynamic Site

It is important to keep the website accessible in our handheld devices since most of the handheld devices computers for our milineal generations.​

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